Hello Recurse! (Week 1, Day 1)


Today I start a 12-week batch at the Recurse Center! Here at the outset my goals are:

  1. Write a toy database! I’ve used databases before but never written one, and have no idea how database internals work. This is currently my main interest
  2. Explore distributed systems! I want to get some exposure to some variety beyond client/web server/database, especially streaming video.
  3. Go down a rabbit hole I don’t even know yet! I hope to get carried along by an unfamiliar current, to something like natural language processing, or music/signal processing, or something else entirely.
  4. Blog often! At the very least I want to blog once a week about my experience at RC and what I’m working on. If any of my projects end up interesting enough to stand alone, I wanna blog those as well.

Thus far today has been:

Tomorrow I want to start on a macOS app to remind me to stretch and move around. I’ve never done any real macOS or Swift programming, so my hope is that this will jar me out of my comfort zone nice and early. It also will serve the very practical purpose of keeping me healthy as I hack on my bigger projects for the rest of my batch.

My batch runs from July 1 to September 20, so expect lots more posts from me as I go through RC!