Website Makeover


So has a very new look, powered by Hugo and my (fairly small) fork of the hello-friend-ng theme.

Partly the site will be dedicated to a bit of a professional showcase / bio for myself, but also with added blog functionality I can communicate in a more public way about my plans for my open source projects.

The State of Quicksilver that I wrote earlier this year has moved from its previous home as Github gist to retroactively being a post here, as I feel more comfortable linking to my writing in a domain that I control and can ensure the links stay live. The Quicksilver website itself is still hosted within the Quicksilver repo, partially for ease of version control (if a commit changes code, it can change the website docs in lockstep) and partially because I’m not sure how much I want to present Quicksilver as being my project versus the Quicksilver project. I’m too cheap and lazy to buy a quicksilver domain, so the URL still contains my screen name, but the website is independent of the rest of Future State-Of-Quicksilver posts will also live on this blog though, as my personal plans for the project and my work for the Rust ecosystem feel out-of-band for the actual Quicksilver site.

I won’t be embedding Disqus for comments, but if you want to chat I’m on the Rust Community Discord as @ryanisaacg. I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on the new look, if Quicksilver should be moved to a sub-page of this site, and if State of Quicksilver should be a gist, blog posts here, or some combination.