A Game Can be a Blog Post


TODO: explain why I want to do this TODO: explain the general format

I'm not 100% sure of the game's title yet; for now I'll be calling it "Untitled City Game" (hope that doesn't stick). While this is all liable to change over time, the current pitch goes something like this:

You live in the shadow of THE CITY, an ancient behemoth built when the world was young. In its heydey THE CITY blurred the line between the real and the ideal, TODOing great works from THE WEAVE, a mesh of nanomachines and computer networks that bring ideas to life. In your village, you take on the role of TODO: the only ones brave enough to delve deep into the shifting streets, unreal landscapes, and flooded underbellies of your home. You bring back treasures: medicine, technology, and wonders from ages past. The detritus of the old world can help build a new one, if you survive the experience.

The game follows a group of adventurers who head into danger, time and again, because it is necessary. In the Delve phase, you face danger and uncertainty in unfamiliar locales. Moment-to-moment action currently works on a hack of Jason Tocchi's 2400, with some modular/specific (TODO) subsystems available at character creation.

In the Town phase, your characters rest, recover, plan, and do what they can at home. My current draft is very light on details here, but I do plan to draw on how Forged in the Dark games have generally approached downtime phases. I really appreciate the structure they provide. TODO: free rp

My plan is to put out bits of the game that stand alone as blog posts, probably focusing on bits of setting content and character generation. I'm around halfway to a playtestable version; I plan to share notes on how the playtest goes as well. I guess we'll see how it goes together!