The Channeler


THE CHANNELER is a magic user who pulls on power they don't understand, let alone command. They cast spells granted to them by a capricious outside force, whose whims are unknowable. While they were designed as a modular part of a greater whole, you should be able to drop The Channeler into your favorite rules-light RPG.

What's Here

The Channeler

The Channeler has a Spellcasting Die, which starts at D4. Each face of the die corresponds to a "spell slot". When creating a Channeler, choose three Spells and assign them to slots 2, 3, and 4 respectively; roll on the Wild Effect table and record that Effect for slot 1.

To cast a spell, roll the Spellcasting Die. You may activate any slot equal to or lower than your roll. For example, if you have the following slots:

  1. Blood Flood
  2. Vines
  3. Lightning Bolt
  4. Light and Dark

and roll a 3, you may cast anything on the list except Light and Dark. On a roll of a 1, the only option is the Wild Effect.

After a spell is cast, replace it with a randomly chosen Channeler spell. After a Wild Effect is used, replace it with the Channeler's choice of two randomly selected Wild Effects.

A Greater Whole?

I'm trying something new! While working on a big game project I want to be able to share and talk about it, but I don't feel comfortable putting out works-in-progress as a collected document this early. Instead I'm going to put bits of the game on here as blog posts as they come together

What's Missing

If you'd like to include the Channeler in a game, you'll need a source of Spells and a source of Wild Effects (maybe included in the game you're playing, or from another source). Spells should be uniformly-powerful, relatively situational, and varied. Wild Effects should err on the side of dangerous but not strictly detrimental.

Some example Spells:

  1. Light and Dark: Until your concentration is broken, you control the way light bends through air. You may illuminate any area or plunge any area into shadow, as long as you can see it.
  2. Vines: Grasping plants burst through the ground, and can be manipulated at your will like a second limb.
  3. Lightning Bolt: After a minute of concentration, a bolt of lightning will streak from the sky and strike a given target you choose.

Some example Wild Effects:

  1. Blood Flood: The room or area you are in begins to flood with a blood-like substance. It will abate in an hour.
  2. Little a Salami: All nearby animals flock to you and will beg for food if you have any
  3. Plowshares: Any weapon within shouting distance is blunted or otherwise rendered harmless