👋 Hi, I’m Ryan

I’m a full-time software engineer and a some-time writer and game designer.

My open-source projects are available on GitHub; I sometimes talk about them here on my blog. I developed and maintained a game framework called Quicksilver, a library for writing Rust games for desktop and web. I’ve also made a handful of small video games. In my spare time, I’ve written some tabletop roleplaying games; you can download them from my itch.io page. Sometimes I write about them here.

If you want to get in contact, you can reach me via email.

Blog Posts

Using Neovim with Unity

code - 2023-04-26

In the last few years I've switched fully to Neovim, and embraced the lua scripting and built-in LSP support. Most development I do these days tends to be TypeScript or Rust, and my editor's integration with tooling like prettier, rustfmt, rust-analyzer, and tsc is great! Having recently started doing some work in Unity, however, I discovered that I would have to get my hands dirty for a good C# experience.

Rewriting Fellowship's 'Get Away'

tabletop - 2022-06-05

This year I've been playing Fellowship 2e, a fantasy adventure RPG that's Powered by the Apocalypse, and I have a few gripes with an otherwise great game. Since session 1, I've felt like the core move Get Away needs re-writing, and I decided to take a stab at it.

Falling in love with git bisect

code - 2022-05-29

Recently I found myself tracking down a handful of regressions: bugs I knew hadn't existed just a week or two before. I vaguely knew that there was a git command that could help me, but I had never really put it to serious use. Now that I have used it, I find myself falling in love with git bisect.

A Game Every Month

tabletop - 2021-06-10

For the past couple years I've been playing around with tabletop RPG design. My goal was to make a comprehensive hack of a game like Blades in the Dark or Spire: The City Must Fall, but none of my attempts panned out. I found myself caught in a rut of moving from big project to big project as they collapsed under their own weight. To break the cycle, I set myself a challenge: make an RPG (or at least something RPG-related) every month of 2021.

Dark Mode!

code - 2021-04-04

If your browser is set to dark mode by default, you've probably noticed the site looks different! I now have some dark mode CSS, so this blog isn't eye-searingly white if everything else is dark on your screen.

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