👋 Hi, I’m Ryan

I’m a full-time software engineer and a some-time writer.

My open-source projects are available on GitHub; I sometimes talk about them here on my blog. I developed and maintained a game framework called Quicksilver, a library for writing Rust games for desktop and web. I’ve also made a handful of small video games. If you want to get in contact, you can reach me via email.

Blog Posts

Writing a Programming Language for Fun


For a little under a year I've been working on a programming language project. It's a high level language that compiles to WebAssembly, designed to small games or scripts. Here I'll introduce the language, explain my design decisions thus far, and complain about naming things.

1 Week in at the Recurse Center


I'm one week in to my batch at the Recurse Center! Here's what I've done and learned so far.

How to add a custom LSP server to nvim-lspconfig


Normally the nvim-lspconfig package has every language server I could possibly want, so I've found it pretty low maintenance. Currently I'm testing out the server for my own programming language, and I needed to add the LSP to my editor's config. It was a surprisingly annoying task! I wanted to share the little snippet I used to get it configured.

Hello Recurse! (Week 1, Day 1)


Today I start a 12-week batch at the Recurse Center!

Neovim and VSCode


Around a year ago, I decided to use Neovim as my editor for working on Unity-based projects. After some involved setup, I thought I had everything just how I liked it. Then my autocomplete broke one too many times, and I knew it just wasn't worth the hassle. It was time to bite the bullet and use VSCode; but could I do that without giving up Vim?

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