👋 Hi, I'm Ryan

My pronouns are they/them or he/him (no preference). I'm a software engineer and a hobbyist game developer/writer.

My open-source projects are available on GitHub; I sometimes talk about them here on my blog. My focus used to be game development; I developed and maintain a game framework called Quicksilver, a library for writing Rust games for desktop and web. I've also made a handful of small video games.

In my spare time, I write table-top roleplaying / pen and paper games. Head over to my itch.io page to check out and download them!

If you want to get in contact, you can reach me via email.

Blog Posts


Dark Mode!

If your browser is set to dark mode by default, you've probably noticed the site looks different! I now have some dark mode CSS, so this blog isn't eye-searingly white if everything else is dark on your screen.


Quicksilver and Open Source

So this is a post that's been bouncing around my head for a while, in one form or another. I created and maintain Quicksilver, a 2D game framework for creating games for desktop and the web. The reason I'm writing this post is that I also haven't used Quicksilver to make anything for over a year.


A New Quicksilver Crate, Elefont

This blog post has been a long time delayed, but late is better than never! The Quicksilver alpha is humming along, with bugs and API problems being addressed. While that work continues, I want to unveil elefont, a crate that I've developed for font caching.


Website Makeover, Again

Out with the old, in with the new! After some frustration with Hugo, I've moved to Zola and some light CSS.


A Quicksilver Chanukah, Day 8: Rust Gamedev and the Web

This year has been great for Rust gamedev on the web. Huge progress has been made towards a full game stack being available more-or-less "for free:" most of the foundational crates have available web support, in one way or another.

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